Jackie on the Trunk?
by Robert Harris

More support for a frontal shot comes from a careful analysis of Mrs. Kennedy's actions following the fatal headshot, which are among the most misunderstood and misrepresented aspects of the assassination. They are also among the most important. In it's famous, 1963 article on the Zapruder film, Life magazine made the claim that Jackie, "climbed out on the trunk", an assertion that was never really challenged, but repeated endlessly over the years, even in many books by Warren Commission critics. She has been similarly, accused of trying to escape from the limousine, or more charitably, to have been trying to assist Special Agent Clint Hill, after he climbed onto the trunk. None of those claims were correct.

First, Mrs. Kennedy never, ever "climbed out on the trunk". In fact, neither her legs, nor any part of her lower body ever touched the surface of the trunk. Neither did she make any effort whatsoever, to climb over the back seat or get out of the vehicle. It is easier to prove these points by showing her animated, in the Zapruder film, which interested lurkers can view here.


The key to understanding what is happening here is to watch Mrs. Kennedy's right arm and hand. She is very obviously, reaching back to grasp at something. There is no attempt to escape and not even an acknowledgement of Clint Hill's presence. In fact, she completely ignores Hill's outstretched hand, as she rushes to return to her seat.

This brings us to the question of what exactly, Mrs. Kennedy was retrieving from the trunk. Looking at the above image, we can see that at its furthest extension, during the Z370's Mrs. Kennedy's right hand is partially obscured by the right handhold on the limousine trunk. This is probably why we are unable to see the object she is reaching for. For many years, a handful of researchers have argued that she must have been trying to retrieve a piece of brain tissue or skull that was blown to the rear from her husband's head. That is certainly the visual impression we get from watching her. Of course, it's hard to imagine anything else that might have been out there that would have caught her attention.

But what seems to have been overlooked, amounts to far more powerful and objective corroboration for this notion. Mrs. Kennedy, in fact, made it very clear at that time, exactly what she had recovered from the trunk. This is from Mrs. Connally's Warren Commission testimony,

..and then after the third shot she said, "they have killed my husband. I have his brains in my hand," and she repeated that several times, and that was all the conversation. (unquote)

Of course, it is clear that Mrs. Kennedy had nothing in her hand when she turned to reach across the trunk, so she had to have acquired the brain tissue afterward. Governor John Connally heard Mrs. Kennedy say exactly the same thing, as he reported in his WC testimony.

Mr. SPECTER. Did she say anything more?

Governor CONNALLY. Yes; she said, I heard her say one time, "I have got his brains in my hand."

For our purposes, Governor Connally's recollection is even more significant than his wife's. This is because the Governor, by his own admission, lost consciousness before the limousine had even left Dealey Plaza. He did not awaken until after the limousine had arrived at Parkland hospital. This is more from Governor Connally's testimony,

After the third shot, and I heard Roy Kellerman tell the driver, "Bill, get out of line." And then I saw him move, and I assumed he was moving a button or something on the panel of the automobile, and he said, "Get us to a hospital quick." I assumed he was saying this to the patrolman, the motorcycle police who were leading us. At about that time, we began to pull out of the cavalcade, out of the line, and I lost consciousness and didn't regain consciousness until we got to the hospital. (unquote)

This left only a scant few seconds of consciousness in which he could have heard the First Lady's comment about holding brain tissue in her hand. Years later, Mrs. Connally described to Robert Rees a sequence of events that matched perfectly with her husband's recollections.

I thought my husband was dead," . Connally stated somberly. From behind her came Jackie's tortured wail, "Jack! Jack!They've killed my husband! I have his brains in my hands!". The Secret Service man yelled for the driver to pull out of the motorcade. On his radio phone he related to the motorcyclists to head to the nearest hospital. "We pulled out of line at a terrific speed," . Connally recollected. (unquote)

Notice that Mrs. Connally recalled first hearing Jackie say "I have his brains in my hands", even before she heard Kellerman tell Greer to "pull out of the motorcade". If we allow her a couple seconds to utter those words, it is obvious that Mrs. Kennedy had to have made the "brains" statement immediately upon returning to her seat. Final corroboration comes from Parkland hospital doctor, Marion Jenkins, who stated,

I noticed that her hands were cupped in front of her, as if she were cradling something. As she passed by, she nudged me with an elbow and handed me what she had been nursing in her hands - a large chunk of her husband's brain tissues. (unquote)

To understand what happened during those few seconds that Mrs. Kennedy reached out across the trunk, I would suggest looking very closely at the animated gif. Besides zooming in on Mrs. Kennedy, this animation has been stabilized to make it a little easier to see what is going on. Also, it will run continuously in a loop, until you stop it.

Anyone who has remaining doubts about Mrs. Kennedy's purpose in reaching back across the trunk, might wish to consider the opinion of the man who was inches from her at the time, and had an infinitely better view of her actions than we do. Clint Hill stated in his Warren Commission testimony,

Between the time I originally grabbed the handhold and until I was up on the car, Mrs. Kennedy--the second noise that I heard had removed a portion of the President's head, and he had slumped noticeably to his left. Mrs. Kennedy had jumped up from the seat and was, it appeared to me, reaching for something coming off the right rear bumper of the car, the right rear tail..

If you agree with me that Mrs. Kennedy did indeed reach back and recover a piece of brain tissue, we are then faced with the question of whether this tissue was blown directly to the rear, by the same shot that blew fragments forward with enough force to crack the limousine's windshield.

Proconspiracy people have argued for years that the shot at Z312 came from the front, but it did not. The shot that blew brain tissue onto the trunk was the same one that also blew out the back of the President's head, and caused tissue, blood and bone material to fly more than 20 feet to his left. It came at Zapruder frame 323, a hair more than half a second later.

To get another look at Jackie, which also demonstrates what she was doing, look at this blowup of her in the Nix film.


 You can also get additional information about the final shots in this video, which I posted at Youtube, entitled, the last shot