No crime in the history of the United States has been more misunderstood and misrepresented than the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
At this site you will learn about the legitimate facts related to this crime and discover that there really is a sane case for conspiracy

Did Oswald Act Alone?

Assuming he was involved in the attack, did he have accomplices? This brief article will demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt, that he could not have have fired all the shots. The evidence is huge, verifiable, and indisputable. You can read the article here.

Recent Video Presentations

Confirmation from the Secret Service In a recent interview, Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine confirmed that both of the agents seated in the front seat of the follow car, heard a shot after the one that wounded JFK and prior to the fatal head shot, exactly as Mrs. Connally and numerous other witnesses reported.

Charles Brehm Not only did Brehm identify the first of several shots at precisely the point where the limo was at frame 285, he also showed us in a 1960's interview, the President's position at that time, in a photo taken from one of the films.

The Attack in Dealey Plaza

This is my video presentation which explains the shooting in Dealey Plaza. An understanding of what happened during the attack, will answer some of the most important questions related to this crime, including the all important question of whether a lone assassin could have fired all the shots.

Presentations related to the shot at 285

Reactions to the shot at 285 A brief look at the limo passengers reacting in real time, to that shot.

Those 285 reactions A detailed explanation of the reactions by the limo passengers.

The JFK Assassination - the Shot at 285 This presentation goes into great detail, citing the statements of the people we see reacting and others close to the President. It is required reading for anyone who honestly wants to understand the assassination.

Roy Kellerman's reactions The visible reactions of Roy Kellerman, to the shot at 285. This presentation is an animated gift which highlights his textbook startle reactions, simultaneous with the other passengers' and Abraham Zapruder.


Long before the assassination, Carlos Marcello swore that he would murder President Kennedy, and we now know, based on long suppressed FBI reports, that Marcello confessed to ordering the crime to a reliable FBI informant and said that long time suspect David Ferrie introduced him to Oswald.

This bombshell information was reported by both CNN and Fox News, as well as other major networks. Marcello's guilt was also confirmed by mafia attorney Frank Ragano and by HSCA director, G. Robert Blakey - even before they were aware of his confession.


This is a comprehensive article covering the "stretcher bullet", that Daryl Tomlinson found and the bullet which Governor Connally stated, fell from his gurney just after he was transferred from his stretcher to the operating table. It includes new and important evidence which was not covered in my video presentation.


These are articles on the case covering a wide range of subjects related to the assassination, by myself and other writers.

Quicktime Videos

Some of my presentations which are on Youtube, are also in Quicktime format which is a bit clearer and easier to view.

The Zapruder film

See the Zapruder film at various levels of resolution. You will also find copies of the Towner, Muchmore and Nix film. These are in Quicktime format which makes it easy to single step through the films, using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Other Youtube presentations

These are other video presentations I have made over the years, addressing various aspects of the case.