The Zapruder Film

Normal resolution This is the regular version of the film, as it appeared to those who saw it right after the assassination. Frame numbers are not included.

Medium resolution
This version is similar to the preceding one except that frame numbers are included.

Wide version This is the wide version of the film which includes information from the sprocket hole area which was not visible in the original film.

Extreme Closeup This version zooms in on the President and the area immediately around him.

Stablized Zapruder film - This version of the film has been stabilized which makes it much easier to view the actions and reactions of the passengers in the President's limo.

The Towner film - This film was taken by 13 year old Tina Towner as the limousine made the turn onto Elm Street. As we will see in a future video, this film is much more important than most researchers realize. I am looking for a better copy of it, by the way. Please let me know if you have one you could share with me.

The Nix film - This film was taken by Orville Nix from the south side of Elm Street. It provides a good luck at the actions of Clint Hill and Mrs. Kennedy.

The Muchmore film - This is not the sharpest copy of this film and I will be replacing it when I find a better one.