Murdered Mobsters - This 1977 article by Howard Kohn - editor of Rolling Stone magazine, examines the murders of Johnny Roselli, Sam Giancana and Charles Nicoletti, who he discovered, was killed the day after HSCA investigators made phone calls trying to find him.

A Single Answer My original article on the timing of the shots in Dealey Plaza. This is an old article and a few of the links are broken, but it is still absolutely correct and contains a great deal of the information that I have collected.

The back-of-head damage This article explains in detail, the damage inflicted by the second head shot, which was inflicted well after the explosion at frame 313. (caution: extremely graphic images)

Jackie This article explains Mrs. Kennedy's actions as she reached back across the trunk to retrieve a large piece of her husband's brain tissue.

The Ruby Polygraph In 1964 the FBI conducted a polygraph test on Jack Ruby and reported to the Warren Commission that he was truthful in denying any involvement in a conspiracy or that he had known Lee Harvey Oswald. But fifteen years later, the HSCA recruited a panel of experienced polygraph operators who examined the test results and came to much different conclusions than the FBI did.

David Ferrie - This is an excellent article by John Craig, about David Ferrie, who worked for mafia godfather, Carlos Marcello. Marcello was recently discovered to have confessed to an FBI informant, that he ordering the assassination of President Kennedy.

Debunking Guinn - This article, published at Texas A&M's College of Science, reports on recent findings which debunk the analysis of Dr. Vincent Guinn who testified before the Warren Commission that bullet fragments from the shooting matched only with ammunition that was allegedly used by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Reclaiming History - An unbiased review of Bugliosi's book, Reclaiming History, by Dr. Gary Aguilar.

Another review of Bugliosi's controversial book, published in Flagpole magazine and written by Donald Wilkins, professor at the UGA school of law.

The Walker Shooting  A segment from Dick Russell's book, The Man Who Knew Too Much, which provides the best explanation for the attempted assassination of General Walker.